Hey there my sweet, I’m Amber Fessey!

I Believe In Personalized Nutrition.

An abundance of support
Realistic health advice.


I’m here to help YOU re-balance your life,

One nourishing plate at a time!

It is my mission to guide and support you to a life filled with an abundance of nourishment. Physically and emotionally. I love helping my clients thrive and flourish for life. To re-learn and re-discover who they are and how to be the ultimate versions of themselves.

I’m a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner with  6+ years experience in the pharmaceutical industry as a Dispense Technician. With my unique perspective towards health care, my combined knowledge helps women around the world feel and live a nourished life.


While my areas of practice aren’t limited, I can really make some big positive shifts happen when it comes to gastro-tintestinal and mental health.

Why I love it;

+ I’ve had great results with clients in these areas

+ Find it crazy interesting!!!

I  had my own HUGE personal journey when it comes to gut and mental health.

Other area’s of health that I can assist with are; hormonal imbalances, PCOS, Endometriosis, Gastrointestinal issues (IBS, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, gluten intolerant etc), Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Weight loss, Weight gain and Cardiovascular health.

“I love showing my client’s all sorts of different tools they can harness and use everyday to make some big powerful changes towards their health”

A Nutritional Consultation continues for clients after their appointment.

With specific health goals determined, a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work goes on at The Wholesome Body.

From analyzing test results, creating meal plans, techniques to keep you goal focused/motivated, researching supplements and contacting your GP if required + much more.

I strive to get the best results for my client’s which can mean a lot of busy bee action after you’ve left the clinic.

The Wholesome Body provides you with information to help you achieve a sense of balance in your physical and emotional well-being. Because you’re worth it. You deserve to feel your best. It all starts with caring and nourishing your gorgeous body.


Interested in working with Amber?

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