How to store your fruit and vegetables

Do you find week in week out you put your best foot forward to buy fresh produce only to find it spoils quickly within the next few days? (me too!- I’ve been there and it can be so frustrating). I would stop buying celery thinking it was just a ‘bad celery’ that was hardly keep fresh and crisp only to find I wasn’t storing it properly (light bulb moment!) I soon began to realize if I was having this problem then so many other people out there could be too. That’s why I decide to make some amazing fruit and veggie infographs to give you all the info you need on how to care for your produce + I also added how to wash them!

Now you have one less thing to worry about- fresh produce for days! You can save these guides to your pinterest board or even print them out and pop them on the front of your fridge!

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