Oh December, how you’ve already given the pleasure of some crazy humid days and big storms already!! One thing I absolutely look forward to when it comes to summer arriving is the fruit that’s in season!!! (Yessss….why hello mangoes & watermelon!) This is one of the first water colour paintings I completed a few months ago and even though I can get stuck in the comparing myself to others kind of mode, I actually am really looking forward to sharing my paintings with you all and watching myself grow. One thing painting has helped me with is not just reconnecting myself with one of my passions but it helps tackle any feelings of anxiousness. Do you have that one activity you do where you can completely slip into your own world bubble and be immersed in it all? If so I’d love to hear what it is- leave a cute comment below xx

So, what do you say..? Feel like adding some fresh fruit to your screen save, desktop or phone? –> Right click, save as- voila!<–

Amber xx

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