There is nothing better than spending a blissful afternoon, sipping on tea and painting. As some may not know, painting is one of the things I find completely relaxing! I’d say my techniques need some perfecting as I’ve recently just put my painting hat back on. You see, for at least a year now I’ve been trying to find some way in which I could combine my creative, artistic, painting side with my nutrition, food, nerd side withing my business. Praise the radishes because I think I’ve just discovered how! Each month (at least that’s what I’m aiming for) I will bring to you new, cute and colourful wallpapers that you can use to bring some gorgeous colours and smiles into your day.

I swear, your wallpaper is what sets you up for anything you’re about to do! I like mine to be colourful, cheery and I’m really diggin’ the whole watercolour scene lately so it’s usually that!

For the time being, you’ll have to do the old school ‘right click’  –  ‘save image as’, because I haven’t figured out how to make the cute fancy download button thingo work!!

Love this wallpaper? Perhaps you have some cute paintings or ideas you’d love for me to create for the next month? Click here and give us a bell and I will totally put it on my list of things to paint!


Amber x

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